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St. Lucia


Program overview – Citizenship by investment program in St. Lucia was established in 2015. Late program establishment allows St. Lucia to inherit long-years’ experience from its neighbor Islands, what enables to start with successful programs at once. Also, removed limit of yearly applications since 2017 make country even more attractive for foreign investors. Currently St. Lucia’s government provides four options (Real Estate Investment, National Economic Fund Contribution, Enterprise Project Investment and Government Bonds) to receive citizenship. Real estate project allows refunding entire amount, with some profit or large part of invested amount by selling property after 5-year mandatory period. National economic fund program was established for the sole purpose of receiving qualifying investments to support government sponsored projects and strengthen country’s economy. It is based on non-refundable contribution to the government designated account. Pre-approved enterprise program requires to invest in one of the pre-approved business projects in set categories such as specialty restaurants, cruise ports and marinas, agro-processing plants, pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads and highways, research institutions and facilities or offshore universities. Project allows conjunction of 2 partners and additionally to financial investment requires creating at least 3 permanent job positions (single investor) or 6 permanent job positions (partnership of 2 investor). Citizenship may be as well received by purchasing non-interest-bearing government bonds. These bonds must be registered and remain under the applicant’s name for a 5-year holding period.

Passport validity for both adults and underaged dependants is 5 years. Saint Lucia as all Caribbean islands, also allows second citizenship.


Requirements – Main applicant should be at least 18 years old and as well as  all dependants over 16 must have a clean criminal record, be healthy and pass due diligence checks.


Family – As part of this program every applicant is entitled to include their spouse, children under 18 as well as unmarried, dependant and full-time enrolled in higher education children between 18 and 25 and parents over 65. Physically or mentally challenged parents or children might be included as well.


Living, Working, Studying and Traveling – Applicants and their families gaining citizenship in St. Lucia also gain the ability to live, work and study in Caribbean, as well as travelling to more than 100 countries including the Schengen Zone (28 EU countries), UK and Hong Kong. Caribbean Islands has become even easier to reach after opening a new international airport in Antigua in 2015.

Real Estate Investment – Qualifying under real estate program main applicant has to invest at least $ 300 000. Note that targeted properties must be only in the pre-approved real estate development are. In addition to property investment government of St. Lucia requires reimbursing non-refundable government administration fees prior the application process. The amount of funds ranges regarding the number of candidates. As for instance the main applicant is charged $ 50 000 whereas in case of spouse or dependant 18 and over extra $ 35 000 per person requested and in case of minor dependant (under 18) additional sum of $ 25 000 demanded.


Contribution – The program requires significant, non-refundable contributions of $100 000 to the National economic fund, established by St. Lucia‘s Government. In case of family contribution increases accordingly to 165 000 USD if applying with spouse only and 190 000 USD if 2 underaged children are included, whereas each additional applicant must contribute extra 25 000 USD.


Business – investment of not less than 3 500 000 USD and establishment of at least 3 permanent job positions in case of single investor and in case of a partnership of 2 investors not less than 6 000 000 USD and establishment of at least 6 permanent job positions. Additional government administration fees of $ 50 000, $ 35 000 or $ 25 000 are applied respectively for main applicant, spouse or adult dependant and for minor dependants.


Government bonds – Qualifying under non-interest bearing government bonds program investor must place at least 500 000 USD. Additionally, 50 000 USD must be contributed per each applicant. Despite the chosen program main investor is obliged to pay processing fee of $ 2 000 and $ 7 500 due diligence fee, while spouse and other dependants pay $ 1 000 of processing fee and $ 5 000 of due diligence fee.


Taxes – Appropriate tax planning enable to enjoy of a tax free status on inheritance, world-wide income and capital gains tax. Only in case of real estate option property registration, processing fees and taxes must be paid.


Step 1 (3 – 5 days) Pre-due diligence allows avoiding possible issues and assure eligibility. It also allows for ineligible applicants to save unnecessary costs, time and  effort.


Step 1 requires
  • Contract form (fill and sign)
  • Passport copies (including dependants)
  • Residential address
  • Full information about dependants
  • Full details on profession or business
  • Origin of finances
  • Banking details (name, address, SWIFT/BIC code, IBAN No, account number

Incases of questionable pre-due diligence outcomes, enhanced background checks may be required, including possible cooperation with the relevant authorities. 50% agent fee applied.


Step 2 (1 month) Collection and preparation of documentation usually takes approximately 1 month to prepare all documents which must be translated to English apostilled and notarized.


Step 2 requires
  • Power of attorney (provided)
  • Various government forms to sign (provided)
  • Passport copies (certified)
  • Certified birth certificate (in case of dependants)
  • Banker’s reference with details and evidence of proposed qualifying investment
  • Financial dependency proof form for dependant over 18 (provided)
  • Health certificate by a medical practitioner (each candidate)
  • No criminal record (each applicant 16 and over)
  • Marriage certificate (in case of spouse)


Step 3 (1 day) Our legal representative provides all necessary documents to the immigration office and accomplishes citizenship application on client’s behalf. Physical presence of applicants is not required. Investment must be made only after approval in principal is issued. 50% balance of agent fee, due diligence, processing and government fees are required (if applicable by selected program).


Step 3 requires payments
  • Due diligence (main applicant)
  • Due diligence (spouse/ dependant over 15)
  • Processing fees (main applicant)
  • Processing fees (spouse/ dependant over 15)
  • 50% balance of agent fee
  • Government fee (main applicant)
  • Government fee (spouse/ adult dependant)
  • Government fee (underaged dependant)


Step 4 (3 months) Application processing takes up to 3 months, after which the Board shall notify with the decision to approve, delay or deny. In case of success the approval in principal is issued.


Step 5 (1 – 2 months) Once approval is issued, if applying under real estate program, remaining balance of property must be paid and after receiving the transaction, the Developer notifies the CIU that payment is done. 2 – 2,5% real estate purchase closing costs are requested. In case of sugar industry diversification program investor is obliged to pay full contribution to the government-designated Escrow account within 90 days. $350 passport fees for each applicant is required despite which program was chosen.


Step 6 (1 – 2 weeks) Prime Minister office issues the Certificate of Naturalization and our lawyer submits it together with the passport application to Passport Office. Once passports are ready, it will be collected and sent by the reputable courier service.

St. Lucia

GDP per Capita
GDP World Rank
€ 100,000
5-6 Months
$ 19,927


  • Passport within 5 – 6 months
  • Visa free travels to over 100 countries
  • Application is submitted on clients behalf
  • No minimum residency required


  • False information provided
  • Criminal record
  • Potential security threat to the country
  • Declared bankrupt by a court
  • Denied visa to any country having visa-free agreement with St. Lucia