International The Law Reviews series include Fastmigration founder’s article

The founder of Fastmigration Mr. Linas Kliukas wrote an article about immigration policy in Lithuania, which was included in a well-known book for law practitioners, The Corporate Migration Review. The book belongs to The Law Reviews series dedicated to business-focused legal analysis of the most important legislations worldwide, published annually by Law Business Research Ltd. These series are dedicated to the law practitioners around the world, and the books are distributed to the key individuals in the field.

In the article, Linas Kliukas explains the legislation and policy of immigration in Lithuania for European Union and non-European Union nationals as well as the regulations of business immigration for non-EU nationals specifically. At the end of the chapter, Mr. Kliukas provides an outlook on the situation.

Contributors to the publication are carefully selected experts in their fields of practice; thus, to be included in this publication is a great honour and we are very proud to share with you the chapter of The Corporate Immigration Review, written by Mr. Kliukas.

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